Carol Harrington

IFS Therapist (level 1)
Integrative Counsellor
Clinical Supervisor


If you are looking to make changes in your life, settle past trauma, come to terms with bereavement, or deal with any other of a host of life issues I would be happy to work with you towards a place of healing.  I offer an open, non-judgemental space where you are welcome.


If you have not accessed therapy before it can feel strange and sometimes daunting, however I’d like to give you some kind hearted encouragement and also some hope, that you can bring real changes to your life.

I am an integrative counsellor of many years experience who has found IFS therapy to be of great benefit, both personally and for my clients.  The goals of IFS are to bring harmony to your inner life and to be guided by your core true self (which is there!)

Our life experiences lead to the development of parts of us that protect us and can use strategies that have become outdated or at odds with who we want to be.  These parts can obscure our true self and limit us in moving towards our potential.


All of us have parts, parts that want this or that, parts that don’t.  Parts that engage in behaviour that can bring problems (alcohol misuse, self harm, amazon addiction…), and then often, other parts that are super critical of that behaviour.  These parts of us can cover our true self and we find ourselves thinking, feeling or acting in a way that does not encourage peace of mind. (if you ever had a ‘why did I say/do that’ moment you will know what I mean!)


I offer an opportunity to discover how the different parts of your personality work, an opportunity to work towards inner harmony, to connect with your inner self and resources.

My life has led me through my own trauma and early bereavement to working with others who have also suffered.  I worked 12 years as a counsellor at a rape and sexual abuse support centre and I’m currently still volunteering with Cruse Bereavement Care as well as working privately as a therapist and supervisor.

I have been working as a counsellor since 2005 and during this time I have engaged in a host of certificated training and I am an Accredited Member of the National Counselling Society and an Approved Supervisor.

Personally, I have been a practicing buddhist (Bon tradition) for many years and although this doesn’t come into my work with you, my daily practice enables me to meet with you from a quiet space of mind.

Making an appointment

Our first steps into a counselling relationship can feel unsettling.
You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions or would like to book an initial session. This would be for no more than 50 minutes and would be an opportunity for us to meet and consider working together.  If you choose to embark on counselling sessions then please contact me to discuss my fee.


For supervision please contact me to discuss your requirements.

I am located in Hereford and currently work via zoom.

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41 Bridge Street



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07960 559183

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