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Our ethos

We believe that developing a good therapeutic relationship is key to addressing difficult issues, your therapist or counsellor will do everything they can to ensure you feel safe by offering you a welcoming, confidential and non-judgemental environment.

Sessions usually lasts from 50 minutes to one hour.  During your first appointment you will be able to agree on such things as confidentiality, time and frequency of sessions and explore any other questions you may have.

Your sessions are an opportunity for you to find a brave space where you can voice anything that is troubling you and allow you to gain a better understanding of yourself, your difficulties and your options for change.  Your therapist should provide you with the freedom and the support to explore, address and challenge your concerns at a pace that fits for you.

An important element of any therapeutic relationship is to ensure you feel comfortable and happy with your counsellor or therapist.  If you decide that a different person or way of working would suit you better then always feel free to discuss this and we will happily help you to do so.

Each of us may work in a different way, please visit profiles to get an understanding of individual therapists and our different ways of working to enable you to find the right person for you.

We are committed to continuing our professional development and attend regular supervision, group and/or peer supervision.  We are also dedicated to continuing our self development and learning and regularly attend workshops and training courses.

All our therapists and counsellors are covered by their own insurance and are members of an appropriate governing body.  Please see individual profiles for further information.

Occasionally we can offer a reduced rate in certain circumstances, including students and trainees. Please ask for further details if required.

Please note all therapists at Blue Tree Therapy work on an independent basis.  They are self-employed and although they have been thoroughly approved, Blue Tree Therapy does not accept responsibility for their individual activities.

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